YOUR Meadows are beginning to be sold off… Objections close on 1/3/2018!

The Plan.

The Meadows around Stretford is being “leased” to Salford City F.C. A 4.5m (15′) high fence is planned. That’ll help the view!
The Meadows is OUR place. I would prefer it to remain as it is, a facility that’s free & open to everyone. As it is.

I unfortunately missed the demo outside the Trafford Town Hall Wednesday 21st February, but am now aware of the plans & will be more active in the process.


The more the merrier. Post is always the preferred option, as it’s a bloody nuisance to have to employ someone to open the letters, read them, and direct them to the appropriate person.

The postal address the letter should be sent to is:

Planning & Development, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, M32 0TH.

Email to:

The words “I object” need to be inserted into your mail to count, as does the application number “93628/FUL/18”, and also your full name & address. Download a template letter to make life easier, if you wish from the search “Friends of Turn Moss” on Facebook, or “”.

LINK to Facebook group

“If you don’t stand up, you don’t count”

Not my problem…it’s your’s…

It’s the problem for those who insist that anyone bringing this subject up is a racist.

I’m attitude prejudiced. When in Rome, etc.

Basically, “Fit in, or Fuck off!”

These videos (plainly & easily searched for) show that the end game for muslims is world conquest. The young, PC brigade refuse to see what’s right in front of them.

I was aghast at my first introduction to racism. It was when I moved to Manchester, in the 80’s. Myself & my girlfriend went to the Royce pub in Moss Side. The sea of black, threatening faces turned to us in no uncertain terms. We threw them down, & got out whilst we could. Yet it seems that you have to be white to be racist.