Burglary Hancock Street, Stretford. 28th March, around 3am.

A car was seen driving round the area at that time, some kind of saloon, by all accounts.

A pedestrian was seen walking downslope towards Bradshaw Lane at the same time as the blag. If that was you, or you think you might know who it was, please call the police (see post).

Far too much of this crap going on…

Update 17th April 2017. Dog now reunited with it’s owners.

Uber. New rip-off merchants in town!

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If you use this service, be careful, as it does have sneaky drawbacks. Like this.

I was a first time user. I ordered an Uber from home to a fairly local (5 miles) boozer (about right). The agreed price was £7.11. Checking my emails much later, I see a charge for… £18.65. So after a complaint was put in, and replied to the next day, I’ve removed the app, and ain’t gonna use them again. Something about surge pricing. If they wanted to more than double the price, then the app should have made that quite clear. It didn’t! Removing app, never going to use these rip-off merchants again. Just glad I didn’t tip the driver!

UPDATE: 16th December.

After  a reply from Uber, they’ve refunded me the extra (this is a one off as a gesture of goodwill!), and I told them don’t worry, it won’t happen again.

Damn right it won’t!

Northern Rail: Inaccessible by the disabled on scooters.

Kelly Jenkinson

(Source: MEN)

After a direct mail to Northern Rail, a post on Facebook replied with their official policy. Access to services by all seems to be ignored by this company… as this girl has found out. Why? My place of work had to fix this, even 20-odd years ago! Why do they get a free pass?

Shameful, and they need to be dragged into the 21st Century. By their balls.

Northern Rails policy HERE.

Poppy time!

Just got back from Urmston Sainsbury’s. On my way out, I bought a plastic poppy from the display they’ve been kind to allow in their store.

Talking to a member of the public, & it seems that a Pakistani chap asked one other customer if he wouldn’t mind taking his poppy off.

Say what now????

Needless to say, a lot of verbal was thrown in his direction, and he was asked to move away in no uncertain terms, if you know what I mean.

I’ve been really fed up with the abuse we have to put up with from these immigrants. It has to stop.

DWP, disabled (no) rights…

Citizens Advice Bureau is now defunct in Trafford. Their duties are now taken by Trafford Council, who’s helpline is open for three hours a day and is always busy. “Thank you for calling, goodbye!”. Sooo… no help from anyone if you’re in Trafford.
Got through to TMBC eventually, now there’s no such thing as “hardship payments”, but will tell you where the local foodbanks are. They’ll also try to put a little cash on your meter card… no help at all if you pay by direct debit, though… And that’s it.
Well, we all seem to be happy to live in an economy, rather than a society.
God help those who are totally reliant on the system…
Update late 2016:- Seems as though CAB are back up & running, but with a much reduced capacity. Contact them directly for further info.
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Accident @ Chester Road & Green Street, Stretford.

A woman has died following a collision in Stretford.
Police were called shortly after 10pm on Friday 9 September 2016 to reports of a collision between a blue Volkswagen Golf and a pedestrian at the junction of Chester Road and Green Street.
A woman in her 50s was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. Next of kin have been informed.
A 33-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.
The Chester Road and Edge Lane southbound are closed. The southbound carriageway on Barton Road is also closed while officers carry out enquiries.
Anyone with any information about the collision should call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit on 0161 856 4741.

UPDATE: It seems as though one of the first Officer’s attending found out it was…. His Mum. Jeez, poor guy. That was a hard callout… My sympathies.