Betterlife GPS tracker.

This was retailing at around £40, but I’ve seen them on Fleabay at around £20.

The tracker needs a sim card, and an account to send sms messages. I recommend GiffGaff, as their deals include a fiver top-up, and according to a reply in their forums, that does not run out after a month, it keeps credit until your credit runs out. I’ll post here, when I have personal proof, but that is certainly the best deal out there!

The battery in standby mode lasts… get this… 6 weeks! Even then, it’s only down to 20% or maybe a bit more, so this is a brilliant little device. It’s USB charged, probably a LiPo battery, and the text it sends you tells you all you need to know.

 Box contents.

The reply message (send G123456#) contains:

  1. A link for maps (use Google maps)
  2. Date
  3. Time
  4. Current speed
  5. Battery state
  6. Device I.D.

Manual to follow…