• Most of my meals tend to be a mass produced product by me. I buy bags of vegetables, then throw the contents into a big pot to make a big stew. When cooked, and tasting nice, let it cool. Freeze the stew in old takeout containers. Don’t forget to date the containers (I use a short length of tape to write on, it’s easily pulled off when used). Keep one out, it’ll do for later.
  • Same system with a bolognese base… 500g mince, loadsa onions, tin baked beans, tin chopped tomatoes, garlic & tomato puree to taste. When cooled, put into those small, round containers that humous/dips come in. Again, date every one before freezing. Keep one out, that’ll do for later (are you sensing a common action, here..?).
  • As with all home freezing, the item has to be left to thoroughly thaw before cooking. When thawed, it makes an excellent base for bolognese, or, as we all know, today’s bolognese is tomorrows chilli…!
  • Pea & ham soup. Get a ham joint. Slow cook with a dollop of red wine (helps to dissolve the fatty tissue) until done. Pull out, get rid of any fat you don’t want. Chop up into bits most of it. Throw into a slow cooker, add a mug of lentils or split peas. Throw in two tins of mushy peas. Brew until right (maybe a couple of hours. The lentils/peas thicken the soup nicely. The leftovers do well for ham sandwiches… if you can stop munching…