Drones & Barton Aerodrome…

Map of prohibited area. Not counting, of course, the regularly flown G-A aircraft that fly lower than their lowest allowed of 500′.

Hit the map to be taken to Barton’s website, which also gives the basic rules for drone operation.


Doing your own research gives causes for aircraft accidents.

  1. Pilot error.
  2. Mechanical failure.
  3. Birds.

The one a couple of years ago was an airliner pilot spotting an unidentified, close by. He reported it was a drone (yeah, piloting an airliner at over 200/300mph). Not a bird. A drone. Normal sightings are now ‘drones’ by default. Before this hysteria, it was birds, which was normally correct. This time, however, it was a polythene bag. The sheeple just absorb whatever the media throw at them, as do our M.P.s, to take away our freedoms, bit by bit…


Free speech is dead! A useful channel, fighting to stop the police/state from removing your freedoms. If you do your own research, you’ll start to get nightmares.

What has this guy done? Nothing. Just aired his views, which is why it was filmed by a concerned citizen. This guy might be off his rocker, but isn’t that what we stand for? Free speech?

This guy’s site is HERE. Any video of police abuse would be best served published. And yes, you ARE allowed to film the police!

Browse & be fearful. Or stand & fight, as you should.

Live your life frightened…

The United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism policing unit would like you to let them know if you see somebody doing something suspicious. Like buying a hammer.
LINK to article at reason.com

So, we are to live our lives frightened of everyday activities? No wonder that comments are disabled for this video. Really, really scary how this government is tackling the problem. Make a comment on Twatter? Get you door visited by the boys in blue. Get burgled? You’ll never see one.