A single guy’s tips to living alone & feeling good about it…

  • Get rid of all debt. It is the single most cost effective way of keeping your money in your pocket.
  • Be grateful that you’ve made it this far.
  • Cut your cloth. This means ensuring that you have more money coming in, than going out (even if it’s only one penny). If you’re spending too much, stop it, what are you? Five?
  • Keep your mind active. Even if it’s only surfing the web, you’ll end up looking at things that interest you, and that should give you ideas to keep you busy.
  • Be a member of a club. Any club. Even flower arranging, if that’s what fills your sails… This will put you in touch with other like-minded individuals, so you’re meeting new friends, i.e. expanding your network.
  • Get a bike, & use it!
  • Get as much exercise as you can.
  • Look up at the blue sky, and smile. You are one of the “New Millionaires”, as my mate says…   cropped-Smiley1.jpg