My stay at Trafford General hospital 7/10/19

This blog about my stay is mainly for me to keep an eye on what happened, when.

On entry (around 1600 -ish) with significant chest pains. Got a fairly quick response… around 20 mins. Once admitted, was asked many pertinent questions by fantastically professional staff…. all bob on.

Being kept in. Turns out it’s likely either pneumonia or a P. E. (pulmonary embolism). W.T.F???

Also my bloody luck, as the scanner was down for service – hence why I wasn’t allowed home.

The orderlies & nurses with minimal command of English were really struggling to cope with systems they don’t understand. Paperwork that is supposed to make life easier just gets filled by rote, with no regard to actual application. Alarm/siren going all night is considered normal.

Wrong dosage of drugs (statins) given to me. Empty soap dispenser in bathroom, yet signed off as O.K.

Tried to get to sleep, but that bloody alarm of Toms…!!!
Evening, amoxicillin x1. 20mg statins (2 x 10mg)

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